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Wow. Sounds like a pretty serious piece of work.

Sometimes if I can reword or rethink an ability, I can make it fit into place a little better. For instance, maybe the Regen series would work better not being Time magic - if you could rename Time-Slip or put something else in its place, you wouldn't have to double and triple up on time-related magic. For the Old spells, you could create a few new Heroism-type spells that boost someone's power, and tie it all together by saying that it bring in parts of that person from different places along their timeline. It could be the old, hard-of-hearing them, or it could be them at the prime of their life. Call it Destiny magic or something.

So I finished all of my Job conversions. 21 Jobs, a whole heap of spells and abilities, and weapons, armor (and a new armor type, Bracer, a mage-version of a shield, not to be confused with Gauntlet, which is a separate piece of armor, replaced by Rings for wizard-types).

I'm thinking about using my Augment system (secondary abilities like Doublehand, Swiftness, etc.) to model secondary action abilities for Jobs. Particularly, taking three or four abilities from each suite, or three or four spells of a category, and making Ability or Magic augments from them. I have most of them worked out, except for magic. I'm trying to figure out how to split some of the Time-Space Magic into smaller suites of spells. Particularly where to put Blink/Focus/Blinkra/Focara, Old/Oldga, Extend/Shorten/Extendra/Shortera, and Time Slip/Regen/Regain/Adloquium. Also, the highest-level Black Magic like Ultima, Flare, and others are speicfically bought individually. Below is what I have, without those individuals:

Warrior - Ability: Swordplay: Aggressor, Provoke, Blade Beam, Flurry.
Knight - Ability: Rend: Rend Defense, Rend Speed, Rend Mind, Rend Power
Dragoon - Ability: D-Skill: Jump, Reis Wind, White Draw, Diving Jump.
Paladin - Ability: Cover: Cover, Sentinel, Invincible.
Dark Knight - Ability: Darkness: Dark Wave, Sanguine Sword, Infernal Blade.
Samurai - Ability: Bushido: Shirahadori, Magicide, Meditate.
Monk - Ability: Barehand: Focus, Meteor Strike, Whirlwind.
Archer - Ability: Archery: Take Aim, Blackout, Sonic Boom.
Thief - Ability: Thievery: Steal, Sneak Attack, Sprint, Flee.
Bard - Ability: Vocalist: Cantus Firmis, Matador's Song, Soul Etude.
Engineer - Ability: Machinist: Analyze, Upgrade, Dismantler.
Ninja - Ability: Jutsu: Utsusemi, Katon, Kagenui.
Gambler - Ability: Lady Luck: Lucky Dice, Felicity, Spell Reels.
Chemist - Ability: Stash: <not sure yet>

Magic: Blizzard - Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga.
Magic: Cure - Cure, Cura, Curaga, Curaja
Magic: Defense - Protect, Shell, Protectga, Shellga, Wall, Wallga.
Magic: Dark - Dark, Darkra, Darkga.
Magic: Fire - Fire, Fira, Firaga.
Magic: Gravity - Gravity, Gravira, Graviga.
Magic: Holy - Holy, Holyra, Holyga.
Magic: Life - Raise, Arise, Full-Life.
Magic: Meteor - Comet, Meteor, Meteorga.
Magic: Poison - Poison, Bio, Venom.
Magic: Restore - Blindna, Poisona, Stona, Vox, Esuna.
Magic: Thunder - Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga
Magic: Status- Body - Toad, Mini, Curse.
Magic: Time - Hold, Haste, Slow, Hastega, Slowga, Stop, Stopga.
Magic: Wind - Aero, Aera, Aeroga.

Maybe change Magic: Time to a different sub-category, say Magic: Time-Speed, and do the same with the above (so Old/Oldga goes under Magic: Time-Age, Extend/etc. goes under Magic: Time-Status, etc.)


Secondary Abilities by elmergelmerg, 13 Mar 2011 23:49

Nevermind, I am just an idiot. It already functions that way; I was just rereading it wrong.

That'll teach me to read when I'm really, really tired.

Re: Another question by elmergelmerg, 26 May 2010 02:50

So I managed to do some engineering on the charts to make, at least, the Skill Chart (by the book, Evasion - Attack SKill) to work flipped (so that it works as Attack Skill - Evasion). I was looking and trying to work out a way to do the same thing to the Bar Chart (which is by default Resistance - Skill, IE: Armor - Damage, Magic Defense - Spell Damage). I can't seem to get it to flip around any way I work on it. I'd ideally love any input you might have on hacking this chart to function as Damage - Armor or Spell Damage - Magic Defense.

If I flip it straight, then it actually gets more expensive to cast lower-power spells (Magic Skill 40 - Spell Cost 5 = +35, which if flipped makes it cost 80% of the Mana Bar). If I change the negatives, maybe it'll work. Any thoughts?

Another question by elmergelmerg, 26 May 2010 02:46

That's what I thought, re-reading the system. So, for my clarification (and what I can tell my players, after I adjust some of the Class writeups I'd already finished), Magic Casting works thus:

  • Choose Spell.
  • Determine whether spell is cast Single Target or Area; if Area, increase Spell Cost by 10, and decrease Spell Damage by 10.
  • Compare Spell Cost vs. Magic Skill; Difference is MP Bar loss.
  • Compare Spell Damage vs. Magic Defense; Difference is HP Bar loss. If a Status spell, compare to Status Resistance; if successful, apply Status Effect and determine 'shrug off' capability.

Does this look correct?

Spells and spell-like abilities do indeed automatically hit. In the original version of Console, you had a chance to take half damage instead of full damage, but that disappeared in Super-C. The Evade stat is only for physical attacks.

I wanted to find out; I'm still working on my conversions of major FF classes to the Super Console system. I was going back and re-reading over parts of the mechanics of the system, and wondered…

Do Magic spells (and spell-like abilities) automatically hit? The one Magic-based example in the book doesn't show a to-hit roll, unlike Attack Skill - Evasion = percent to roll against to hit for physical attacks. I wondered if this was the case? If so, it changes some of my conversions significantly.

Thanks in advance!

Query about Magic and to-hit by elmergelmerg, 23 May 2010 23:49

Primarily based on Steiner from FFIX, with some additional information taken from Beatrix (from the same game).

Wow. That's some serious work there. (And good use of the wiki formatting, too.) I'll try to give you some feedback when I have more time to read, but I encourage you to continue!

Converted primarily from FFXI's Warrior, plus additional information from FFTA's Soldier, and some abilities from FFVII's Limit Breaks and FFX's Tidus Swordplay suite.

Converted primarily from the Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy XI Blue Mages.

So I'm a big fan of Super Console and have been planning a game for a while. I've also been modeling a number of Classes for the game, from direct FF sources and games such as the Paladin, Blue Mage and others. I figured I might post them here to get some input and see what people thought, and maybe get some balance ideas. Each reply below will be a specific Class converted for Super Console. Would love some input on them. My construction of the Classes uses the most common elements of the Classes (such as a Paladin having Cover and access to White Magic or a Blue Mage using monster abilities), supplemented by abilities from other games (such as the Knight taking most abilities from Steiner from FFIX, or the Blue Mage gaining extra abilities from it's FFXI counterpart).

As a note, these conversions use my altered ATB-style initiative (found here) and my Augment system (see FFIV DS and FFXII, and primarily FFIX, where most support abilities are learned and paid for with AP.) I have also, because they are long and wordy, hidden them behind a collapsible text block.

Final Fantasy Class Modeling by elmergelmerg, 02 Apr 2010 23:51

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