Typhon, Gunner
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Weapon: Firearms
Hometown: Unknown
Role: Man Without a Past

Starting Attributes:

Accuracy 3+ Evade Kn+ AP 6
Damage 15 Hit Points 100 Endurance 100
Ability: Scattershot

Typhon's Abilities

Starting Ability: Scattershot allows Typhon to make Area attacks, hitting every enemy in a particular battlefield area with a single shot. His aim is so precise that his allies are never hit. This ability costs 4 AP to use (instead of the usual 3 for an attack) and requires a card play to hit. It must be used on the Player Turn.

Secret Techniques: Time Bullets These cases of ammunition have fallen through time with Typhon. When the bullets strike home, they deliver devastating chronal charges that can age, slow, or displace an enemy. Using these bullets exhausts Typhon, as they steal time from him. This ability cannot be combined with Scattershot.

Later Abilities

8 weapons, 7 secret techniques, 8 class abilities

Delay Bullets The results of the target's next action is delayed until the following turn. Such effects take place even if the target dies in the intervening time. Costs 50 Endurance. Secret technique.

Slow Bullets Inflicts the Slow status. Costs 100 Endurance. Secret technique.

Fade Bullets Teleports the target to another battlefield area. Costs 100 Endurance. Secret technique.

Loop Bullets Inflicts the Looped status. Costs 200 Endurance. Secret technique.

Demi Bullets Deals damage equal to half the target's current HP. Costs 200 Endurance. May be resisted as a status. Secret technique.

Stop Bullets Inflicts the Stopped status. Costs 1000 Endurance. Secret technique.

Age Bullets Inflicts the Old status. Costs 1000 Endurance. Secret technique.

Typhon's Store

Weapons: Flintlocks, Six-Shooters, Hand Cannons, Holdout Specials, Golden Guns, Blasters, Laser Pistols, Disruptors, Disintegrators
Ultimate Weapon: Inversion Beams

Design Notes: Typhon went through a couple different versions before I was happy with him. He's your Auron/Vincent/Clint Eastwood type; he's from a future that he can't quite remember. Unlike many prophetic characters, he's not being a jerk by withholding information - he's genuinely confused. In game terms, Typhon is on anti-mook patrol. He'll mow down half a dozen smaller foes without breaking a sweat. He's also the team's ranged combatant when Blitz is out of the fight.

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