Tatyana, Shadow
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Weapon: Poisoned Blades
Hometown: Selune
Role: Badass Woman

Starting Attributes:

Accuracy 4+ Evade P+ AP 5
Damage 30 Hit Points 100 Endurance 70
Ability: Counter

Tatyana's Abilities

Starting Ability: Counter allows Tatyana to make a melee attack of her own when she is damaged by an opponent's melee attack (but not a spell or ranged attack). This attack costs 1 AP, requires a card play lower than the card that hit her, and can be made any time she is damaged.

Secret Techniques: Anatomy Lessons For a Shadow assassin, knowing precisely where to hit a monster is invaluable. Tatyana deals extra damage against monster types whose anatomy she learns.

Later Abilities

8 weapons, 7 secret techniques, 8 class abilities

Darksight: Tatyana ignores the effects of Darkness. Class ability

Normal Anatomy: Raise Damage twice against monsters with no template. Class ability. (This might be too powerful, unless template use becomes a real standard.)

Boiling Anatomy: Raise Damage twice against Boiling monsters. Class ability.

Frog Poison: Attacks inflict Poisoned -3. Weapon ability.

Stonefish Poison: Attacks inflict Stone 2. Weapon ability.

Liquid Spite: Attacks inflict the Berserk status. Weapon ability.

Paralytic Poison: Attacks inflict the Paralyzed status. Weapon ability.

Nerve Toxin: Attacks inflict the Drained status. Weapon ability.

Urchin Poison: Attacks inflict the Diseased status. Weapon ability.

Shellfish Poison: Attacks inflict the Blind status. Weapon ability.

Tatyana's Store

Weapons: Frog Poison, Paralytic Poison, Nerve Toxin, Viper Venom, Shellfish Toxin, Scorpion Venom, Liquid Spite, Stonefish Poison, Urchin Poison, Wasp Sting
Ultimate Weapon: Jormungand Venom

Design Notes: Tatyana is a status monster, a character type that often struggles to be effective. Between boss immunities to status and the fact that it's typically just better to kill non-boss monsters with damage, the status-dealing niche is one that few games get right. Tatyana gets around this with two facets of the game. First, she deals status on every attack, and doesn't need to spend any resources to do so. Second, her preferred target is built into the monster system: the Gorgon monster type. Neutralizing these big, brutal, armored monsters is what Tatyana does best. In story terms, Tatyana is very secretive, but under orders from higher up in the Shadows to do exactly what the group is doing. Their confrontation with the Shadow leadership is a big deal later in the storyline.

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