Built-In Storyline

Console III has an "official" built-in storyline that the characters experience. There are guidelines elsewhere for creating your own plot, and for altering this one to spring more surprises on the players, but the core game assumes this plotline and has it built into the main character descriptions and advancement.


Each item on this list is a single Chapter. It should be possible to complete each Chapter in an evening of play.

  1. The Grand Conjunction - Heroes gather at Selune
  2. Quest for the Greater Light
  3. Hints of Darkness
  4. The Lesser Lights Destroyed
  5. Accusations and Pointed Fingers
  6. A Crusade of False Premise
  7. A Bitter Return to Selune
  8. Darkness Stands Revealed - March of the Black Tide
  9. Seek the Greater Light
  10. An Unexpected Respite - Allies Underground
  11. Treasure Found and The Way Back
  12. Hints of a Greater Power
  13. The Night of Truest Dark - the Battle of Darkness
  14. The Return of the Sun
  15. Celebration and Search
  16. The Revelation of Chaos
  17. Seeking Chaos' Bane
  18. War Begins
  19. Monster Surge
  20. The Siege of Selune
  21. The Fall of the Seventh Moon
  22. Journey to the Heart of Chaos
  23. Piercing the Chaos Wall
  24. The Final Battle

Multiple Endings

(still to be filled in)

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