Status Effects

Long-lasting effects from spells, monsters, and abilities are modeled as Status effects.

Having more than one of the same status does not carry any additional effect unless specifically noted. One cannot be "double-Armored," for example.

Some status effects can be overcome by playing a face card on a later turn. This happens at the end of a turn, just after poison damage or doom effects. This is noted in the status description.

Negative Statuses:

  • Berserk: The character must attack someone in his or her area each turn, and must use as much AP as possible in this way. Berserk characters cannot move unless their area is empty, and must move towards opponents. May be overcome.
  • Blind: The character takes 4 Cuts to Accuracy, and movement costs an extra 1 AP.
  • Cursed: The character takes -1 Cut from all actions.
  • Darkness: This status is identical to Blind, but is used in slightly different situations. Some characters and monsters function properly in Darkness, but can still be Blinded.
  • Diseased: The character cannot regain HP while this status persists.
  • Doomed X: The character dies in X turns, at the end of the turn.
  • Drained -X: Does for Mana or Endurance what Poisoned does for HP.
  • Looped: The character must take the same action each turn. This status may be overcome.
  • Mired: Moving from one area to another costs the character an extra 2 AP.
  • Old: The character receives -3 Cuts on all actions.
  • Paralyzed: The character's AP is reduced to zero until the status is removed or is overcome.
  • Poisoned -X: Apply X cuts to the character's maximum HP. He or she loses that many HP at the end of each turn.
  • Slowed: The character loses 3 AP each turn. Characters with zero or negative AP may not take actions.
  • Stabilized: The character cannot use any unusual movement abilities, such as phasing or teleportation.
  • Stone X: The character is turned to stone for X turns, recovering at the end of the turn. No actions are possible until the status is gone.
  • Stopped: The character is unable to take actions until the status is removed or overcome.

Positive Statuses:

  • Armored: Characters who are Armored take half damage from attacks. This status is often specific to a particular type of attack. If a monster is listed as simply "Armored," it takes half damage from physical attacks. Some monsters are "Armored against fire," "Armored against ice," and so forth.
  • Blessed: The character receives +1 Raise to all actions.
  • Hasted: The character receives an extra 3 AP each turn.
  • High Ground: This status gives a character +2 Raises to Accuracy for ranged attacks. It is typically a battlefield area effect.
  • Phasing: The character can move normally between battlefield areas even when the path is blocked.
  • Quick: Moving from one area to another costs the character 1 AP less, to a minimum of zero.
  • Regenerate -X: Apply X cuts to the character's maximum HP. He or she regains that many HP at the end of each turn.
  • Replenish -X: Does for Mana/Endurance what Regenerate does for HP.
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