Star Magic

Star magic focuses extra power into a Star Mage's meteorite strikes. While Star Spells do no damage on their own, they make the normally dangerous meteorites into army-crushing rains of molten sky.

There are five level of Star Magic, 1st through 5th. Every spell targets the caster, and all spells stack unless otherwise noted. Most enhance the caster's meteors for the rest of the battle, but some work only for a single attack.

1st Level

Distant Starfall: Increase the range of the caster's meteors by one area. Duration: Battle. Mana: 5

Crushing Weight: Raise the damage of the caster's meteors. Duration: Battle. Mana: 5

Elemental Filter: The caster's meteors cause damage of a particular elemental type, chosen when this spell is cast. Re-casting the spell can change the element. Duration: Battle. Mana: 5

Momentum: Targets hit by the caster's next meteor are slammed into an adjacent battlefield area. Duration: Instant. Mana: 5

2nd Level

Elemental Lens, Large Impactor, Crushing Weight II

3rd Level

Impact Crater, Meteor Swarm, Crushing Weight III

4th Level

Element Clash, Crushing Weight IV, Great Attractor

5th Level

Auspicious Trajectories, Doom, The Sky Knows No Limit

Design Notes: Blitz, who uses Star Magic, was intended to be the long-range artillery character. Mages traditionally have used MP to throw around their usual attacks and then been relegated to a pathetic melee weapon when they're out (which is either most of the time or practically never depending on which game you play). We took a different approach here: Blitz's standard weapon is a meteorite strike, and all these spells focus on enhancing it in different ways. You can still rain death on your enemies at a distance when you're out of MP, but a round or two of preparation will get you the serious firepower you come to expect from a mage.

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