Shanna, Alchemist
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Weapon: Flasks
Hometown: Selune
Role: Female Lead

Starting Attributes:

Accuracy 3+ Evade Q+ AP 6
Damage 20 Hit Points 100 Mana 100
Ability: Alchemy I

Shanna's Abilities

Starting Ability: Alchemy I allows Shanna to create short-lived alchemical mixtures - effectively, they are the "spells" of alchemy. Shanna has concentrated on alchemy that restores the body and spirit. Alchemy spells of this level cost 3 AP to cast, and a card play is optional. They must be cast on the Player Turn.

Secret Techniques: Hidden Recipes These recipes teach Shanna how to mix together specific items, with dramatic effects.

Later Abilities

7 weapons, 8 secret techniques, 8 class abilities

Healing Strike: This attack has two Cuts to Damage. It heals rather than inflicting harm. Weapon ability.

Clinging Vitriol: This attack deals its damage again next turn, with two Cuts. Lasts just one turn. Weapon ability.

Horrible Stink: This attack forces all characters but Shanna and unconscious characters from the area for the next turn. They may choose the route by which they exit, and do not pay AP for this movement. Weapon ability.

Throw (spell): Raise the Mana cost when casting an Alchemy spell to target a character in an adjacent battlefield area. Class ability.

Throw (item): Pay 1 AP extra when using a one-shot item (drink, restorative, attack item) to affect a character in an adjacent battlefield area. Class ability.

Corrode: Remove the effect of Shanna's current battlefield area. Costs 4 AP and a card play. Class ability.

Incense of Power: MCs in the same area as Shanna gain a Raise to their maximum HP. Class ability.

Alchemy III: in Chapter 10
Alchemy V: in Chapter 19

Shanna's Store

Weapons: Acid Vial, Noxious Brew, Explosive Flask, Healing Philtre, Dust of Destruction, Love Potion, Fuming Beaker, Tainted Serum
Ultimate Weapon: Aqua Regia

Design Notes: Standing firmly in the healer role, Shanna was designed to be fast and effective. Her spells (Alchemy) are focused on restoring HP and status. When everyone's healed, her weapons and abilities allow her to be a battlefield controller, keeping enemies out of specific areas or altering the qualities of the battlefield itself. In story terms, it's important to notice that her role says "Female Lead," not "Love Interest." Shanna is completely capable of leading the team from day one.

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