Monster Types

As with nearly all games, Console III has a few general types of monster that show up over and over again.

  • Tribe: These are your standard goblin types - weak, but appearing in great number.
    • Double the number of Tribe appearing
    • Apply two Cuts to their HP and Endurance
  • Beasts: These superpredators combine aspects of wolf, tiger, and bear. Their immense size often proves a problem.
    • Raise HP, AP, and Damage.
    • Raise status resistance.
  • Oozes: Strange, slimy, squishy monsters whose touch carries poison and disease.
    • All Ooze attacks inflict some sort of negative status. Poisoned, cursed, blindned, mired, and diseased are most common.
  • Keldans: These rare visitors from the Fourth Moon fly through the air and steal from those who cannot reach them.
    • Keldans fly above the battlefield - they can only be hit by spells and ranged attacks.
    • Keldans have the Steal ability (still working on details).
  • Chengu: The Chengu are fast-moving creatures capable of passing through rock, stone, and sand. They have an ancient grudge against all surface-dwellers.
    • Chengu have Phasing, and can Teleport in any battlefield that the CPU considers made primarily of minerals. A castle would count; a forest would not.
    • They are Stabilized by any alchemical weapon or attack item, and Mired by any Water attack.
  • Gorgons: Tremendous flying shaggy creatures with dense armor and ferocious teeth.
    • Raise HP, Damage, and Endurance twice each.
    • -1 to AP
    • Gorgons resist status attacks very poorly, suffering 3 Lowers (which normally means that only King and Ace are effective).

A variety of templates can be applied to these monsters:

  • Shadow:
  • Boiling: This template refers to the appearance of its creatures, whose bodies and faces change constantly as if boiling.
  • Sunburned: This template only appears after the Return of the Sun.
  • Giant:
  • Phantom:
  • Energy:

Design Notes: Six monster types line up with our six protagonists. Shanna's weapons stop Chengu, while Marlon's forest magic neatly cancels out the Oozes' status effects. Blitz takes down Keldans with his meteors, Typhon's Scattershot ability handles Tribal monsters, and Tatyana is designed to take down Gorgons. Erik, as the strongest warrior in the bunch, can tie down and neutralize almost any single foe until the party's full wrath can be brought to bear.

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