Monster Stats

As with the PCs, monsters have six stats: Accuracy, Evade, AP, Damage, HP, and Endurance/Mana. As the PCs move into different parts of the world they encounter stronger monsters. The basic stats for each monster are as follows:

Accuracy 4+ Evade J+ AP 5
Damage 15 Hit Points 30 Endurance/Mana 30

This represents the weakest members of each monster type. Almost every monster in the game will be more powerful than this. Applying a monster's type and template will raise these values.

Monsters also have a Level. This is the number of Boosts given to their Damage, HP, and Endurance. Add a monster's Level to its AP. Accuracy and Evade values do not change over time. Every two Chapters of the storyline corresponds to one Level of monster.

Beasts, Keldans, and Tribe have Endurance. Oozes, Chengu, and Gorgons have Mana. Monsters with the Shadow, Boiling, Phantom, or Energy templates always have Mana.

Design Note: Most of this game doesn't use Levels; however, the mechanic was just too useful not to use in this case. Hopefully it won't cause any confusion.

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