Marlon, Druid
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Weapon: Familiars
Hometown: Gosta Forest
Role: Comic Relief

Starting Attributes:

Accuracy 5+ Evade Kn+ AP 5
Damage 20 Hit Points 150 Mana 150
Ability: Forest Magic I

Marlon's Abilities

Starting Ability: Forest Magic I allows Marlon to call on some of the basic energies of life, enhancing others and protecting them. These spells cost 3 AP to cast, and a card play is typically optional. They must be cast on the Player Turn.

Secret Techniques: Summons Marlon has the potential to summon powerful creatures who will fight in the party's stead.

Later Abilities

7 weapons, 8 secret techniques, 8 class abilities

Forest Magic III: in Chapter 11
Forest Magic V: in Chapter 20

Marlon's Store

"Weapons": Dire Wolf, Sabertooth Tiger, Giant Sloth, Great Elk, Cave Bear, Garuda, Treefolk Ally, Locust Swarm, Vampire Bat
Ultimate Weapon: Forest Dragon

Design Notes: When I designed Marlon, my one driving thought was how much I hate incompetent comic relief. In story terms, yes, Marlon's a goofball and overenthusiastic and a bit of a screw-up. However, in game terms, this kid is a powerhouse. He delivers buffs, he's loaded with HP, his attacks are vicious and deadly familiars, but most importantly, he's the summoner. With most comic relief, you wonder why the rest of the party puts up with them. With Marlon, it's clear: this kid has serious potential, and he wants help becoming a hero.

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