As characters fight monsters and gain confidence, they become more powerful.

After every two Chapters of the storyline, the MCs should have gained roughly the following:

  • One Boost each to HP, Endurance/Mana, and Damage.
  • One AP.
  • Two special abilities, from class, role, or otherwise.

Here's a spreadsheet showing when these happen for specific characters:

Design Note: Instead of tracking levels, this game simply tracks the MCs' underlying stats. The Chapter that the MCs are currently in will determine the strength of the monsters they face, by setting their Level. If you're creating your own storyline with more or fewer Chapters, you may want to alter the advancement rate; just make sure that the monsters are changed accordingly. Exponential growth is a harsh mistress.
In an actual console RPG, somewhere behind all this would be an XP scale that keeps track of how much you've gained and awards things according to a big complicated chart. This time we went with something simpler and just included the big complicated chart.

The items below are older; I'm keeping them for legacy purposes but will probably fold them into new character advice rather than as pre-made character guidelines.

These can be handed out in the following manner:

  • In the first battle of the game, or the first battle after a boss fight:
    • Erik: HP
    • Shanna: AP
    • Marlon: Mana
    • Blitz: Damage
    • Typhon: AP
    • Tatyana: Damage
  • At the end of a boss fight:
    • Erik: AP
    • Shanna: Damage
    • Marlon: AP
    • Blitz: HP
    • Typhon: Damage
    • Tatyana: Endurance
  • Other advancements can come after any battle, in whatever order the GM sees fit. Keeping track of which stats have been raised since the last boss fight is a good idea; a checkmark next to the attribute will help. It is also acceptable to say, "Everyone boost one stat of your choice that doesn't have a checkmark next to it."

This method will keep certain MCs lagging behind on the things their worst at, but will supply them with the things they're best at right away.

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