Erik, Lunar Knight
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Weapon: Polearms
Hometown: Selune
Role: Male Lead

Starting Attributes:

Accuracy 4+ Evade Kn+ AP 4
Damage 20 Hit Points 150 Endurance 150
Ability: Cover

Erik's Abilities

Starting Ability: Cover allows Erik to jump in front of an attack meant for one of his teammates. He must be in one of the areas that the attack passes through. Erik takes the damage (and any other effects) from the attack, and the original target escapes unharmed. Cover requires a card play valued 7 or lower, and does not work against Area attacks. It takes no AP and may be used at any time.

Secret Techniques: Lunar Phases Erik can use these techniques to alter the phase of the moon, which changes certain conditions on the battlefield.

Later Abilities

8 weapons, 8 secret techniques, 7 class abilities

Shut Down: Erik targets a particular enemy in his area. Each time that enemy attacks or deals damage, Erik can spend 1 AP to apply a Cut to the attack or damage. If that enemy moves, Erik can spend 50 Endurance to move with it. Class ability.

Blockade: Monsters in Erik's battlefield area cannot leave it until the end of his next turn. The cost is based on the monster's Endurance, with 3 Cuts. This does not cost AP. Class ability.

Vault: Erik can spend 10% of his Endurance to reduce the movement cost between areas by 1 AP. No AP cost to use this. Weapon ability.

Pull: Erik targets a monster in an adjacent battlefield area. He can spend 10% of his Endurance and 2 AP to pull it into his area. It does not pay AP for this move. Weapon ability

Long Reach: Erik's hand-to-hand attacks can reach an adjacent area. Weapon ability

Full Moon: Erik calls the Full Moon. All MCs gain Replenish -6 until a new Lunar Phase is used. Costs 3 AP and a card play (Moons, Diamonds, or Pentacles). Secret Technique.

Erik's Store

Weapons: Moon Pike, Crescent Glaive, Silver Spear, Midnight Guisarme, Eclipse Hook, Sun Trident, Golden Bardiche, Sunset Poleaxe
Ultimate Weapon: Naginata of Day and Night

Design Notes: In game terms, Erik is your prototypical tank, designed to be on the front lines and soak up whatever the enemy throws at him. He can't dish it out like Tatyana or move as quickly as Marlon, but he's the shield that the rest of them stand behind. In story terms, he's much the same: a stubborn and protective warrior who'll stand up for anyone weaker than himself.

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