Blitz, Star Mage
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Weapon: Starfall
Hometown: Okola
Role: Sidekick

Starting Attributes:

Accuracy 4+ Evade P+ AP 5
Damage 30 Hit Points 70 Mana 100
Ability: Star Magic I

Blitz's Abilities

Starting Ability: Star Magic I enhances Blitz' magical attacks. Each spell improves something about the meteors that a Star Mage can call down, from their impact force to the shockwave they create to their gravitational field. Spells of this level cost 3 AP to cast, and a card play is typically optional. They must be cast on the Player Turn.

Secret Techniques: Constellation Triggers By learning the shapes of the constellations, Blitz can respond immediately with a spell when certain conditions are met.

Later Abilities

8 weapons, 8 secret techniques, 7 class abilities

Star Magic: 4 of the 7 class abilities are Star Magic II through V. These come at Chapters 3, 9, 15, and 21.

Blitz's Store

Weapons: Falling Star, Comet Strike, Meteor Shower, Explosive Bolide, Nova Burst, Aurora Attack, North Star Surge, Black Hole Vortex
Ultimate Weapon: Supernova Shockwave

Design Notes: Blitz is popular and wealthy, neither of which can be said for Erik. Each is the other's balance: when Erik gets too sour, Blitz helps him smile. When Blitz forgets his responsibilities, Erik reminds him. Shanna and Blitz go way back, too. In many ways, Blitz is the social glue of the group. In game terms, Blitz is designed for artillery. Give him a minute or two and he'll call down some serious devastation. Check out the design notes for his primary ability, Star Magic.

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