All combat takes place on a battlefield, whether in a dank cave, on the open plains, or in a sanctified chapel. Below are some sample battlefields that can be used through the course of the game.

Each area of the battlefield can, by default, hold any number of characters.

Starting Locations: The MCs start on the area marked with a moon emblem (or, later, a sun). Monsters start as the GM desires, typically spread out across the other areas.

Movement: Lines between areas show the cost in AP to go between areas.

Areas marked "Escape OK" allow characters to leave the battle. Sometimes a character low on HP and buried under status effects is better off out of the fight.

Special Effects: Almost all areas have a special effect, written underneath the area name. This applies to all characters within the area, and takes effect as soon as the character moves into the area. These are typically statuses, adjustments to attack or defense, healing, or damage.

Status effects inflicted by areas end when the character leaves the area. It is therefore possible to avoid, for example, an area's "Poison" effect by leaving the area before the end of the turn.

"Cover" and "Accuracy" effects are raises and lowers to attacks by characters shooting into or out of the area, respectively.

Healing and damage effects are listed as "Damage -X" or "Heal -X". Take the character's maximum HP, apply the listed number of Boosts or Cuts, and use the resulting number as the amount of damage or healing. The effect scales to the characters' power in this way. For instance, a character with 1000 maximum HP who gets hit with a "Damage -3" power would take 300 damage, while one with 150 max HP would take only 50 damage.

Effect Areas: Some areas are drawn with dotted lines. These have a temporary effect on a character, and typically move him or her out into another area the next turn. They are used to emulate teleporters, falling, high winds, and other movement effects.

White effect areas do not count when figuring range. Black effect areas block ranged attacks.

Sample Battlefields

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